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Lookit me go!





Dani mentored me for six months in 2019/2020.


We were matched up via a ScreenSkills mentorship program. She was knowledgeable, experienced,  and supportive, and more than that, at a time when I was struggling to break into the animation industry, she helped me get my first freelance job.


I am now employed fulltime in a job I love, and I can't thank her enough for getting me started on this path. I particularly want to thank her for connecting me with people in the Cardiff animation scene, and for the animation masterclass she gave me in one of our mentoring sessions.


She made a huge difference to me at the start of my career, and I really enjoyed working with her.

Jamie Wilson, 3D Animator



During my time as an animator, compositor, rigger and director, I've picked up a few things.

If there's one thing I love more than animation, it's sharing what I know about animation!

I've mentored regularly over the last couple of years, through schemes such as Screenskills and She Drew That, through Universities and privately. I love giving talks on Animation Courses throughout the UK - Leeds Arts Uni, Cardiff School of Art and Design and UWE are just a few I like to visit when I can. 


I've also spoken at Cardiff Animation Festival as part of the Creative Mornings series of talks. 

I like to think I give excellent pep talks to animation teams and students wherever I go! 

If this is something you might be interested in, don't hesitate to shoot me an email! Or if you're a student and you want some advice, sign up to Screenskills. 




Dani has a brilliant knowledge of not only the technical aspects of 2D animation - traditional and digital - but she also shines when giving professional freelancer advice. Even though our mentoring course is now over, Dani has supported me time and time again with negotiating pay from freelance work as well as how to deal with difficult situations and clients as respectfully and clearly as possible. Dani is an experienced lead animator who genuinely cares and wants you to thrive within the industry. She created a comfortable and safe place for me to talk openly about my personal future targets in animation, all while having a great time. I couldn’t recommend her enough as a mentor! 


Leah Panigada-Carey, Director + 2D Animator




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