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Quentin Blake's Clown
Channel4 Christmas TV Marketing

Client: Eagle Eye Drama/C4

Project: Quentin Blakes Clown Christmas Day Special


"Bring to life Quentin Blake's Clown to entice and excite audiences during the Christmas TV period. Clown will playfully appear randomly across all C4 programming on End Boards and stings."

Brief and Initial Ideas


After initial discussions with the Producers at Eagle Eye Drama, I created 4 ideas/pitches for each of the end boards that we would be adding Clown to: the Sprouts and the C4 Snow endboards! I kept my sketches so loose and rough for this, while I warmed into replicating the famous style of Quentin Blake!

The software I chose was Toonboom Harmony. This allowed for speed and to try out ideas quickly!


Integrating Existing Stings

Sprouts and Snow

We had the existing Christmas end boards as a guide, so I used these at the animatic stage to time out my rough ideas! The two finals ended up being a mixture of all my initial ideas, something that was so cool to have come as feedback from Channel 4. I had SO MUCH FUN. 

The Final Endboards


The final stings were 6 seconds long and played out randomly across Channel 4 and related channels throught the whole of December!


Stills Creation

TV Schedule Board

Two titans in one image: adding Quentin Blake's Clown to the ICONIC Channel4 Logo. I provided a few iterations for C4's selection. 

A fun challenge presented itself with the existing artwork. We were really keen on Clown being between the christmas lights in areas, so I ended up having to paint out or comp the lights back in seamlessly!


Throughout December, my Clown drawings appeared all over the Channel4 website and streaming service!

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