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Tiny Encounters

This weekend, 22-24 July, was the #AniJam animation competition, set up by Wonky Films, Show Me The Animation and Encounters Film Festival!

Teams had 48 hours to make an animated short film around a theme, revealed at a briefing in Bristol on Friday. I entered the competition with my good buddies at Cardiff Animation Nights - Lauren Orme, Christopher Wright and Michael Ostrolenk!

Upon reaching Bristol on Friday we were briefed that the theme would be 'Encounter.' After some frantic brainstorming we fleshed out our idea on the road trip back to Cardiff, before setting up our space in the studio kindly lent to us by Winding Snake Productions (thanks so much guys!) Winding Snake is located at Chapter Arts Centre, a space we all love. The next hours were a blur of collating materials, shooting footage all over Cardiff (I don't think I have ever driven around the city as much as I have these last two days!) and getting to grips with a style we could share.

Our submission is titled 'Tiny Encounters' and you can view it here!

It is a competition. The winner will be screened as part of the Encounters Film Festival! It would be such a great honour to be part of the festival programme. You can view all the entries and VOTE for your favourite to win HERE!

Thank you so much! :D

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