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Star Wars Visions 2
I Am Your Mother CG Animation

Client: Aardman Animations

Project: Star Wars Visions 2: I Am Your Mother

Director: Magdalena Osinska 

Animation Director: Steve Cox

Head of CG: Ben Toogood


"Create the digital mouth libraries for the 4 main stop-motion characters, using Maya, to enhance the character's performances"

Creating a full phoneme library and specials

Goodies and Baddies!

Screenshot 2023-10-26 171341.png

Director Magdalena Osinska on set 

Before full animation could begin, I was tasked with setting up a full phoneme library for each character's dialogue mouths, so that when it came to animation, I could easily pluck from a library for fast lip-syncing. I did research into how people talk, and in particular learned that when we lie, we use the right side of our brain! The right side of the brain is said to be used for creativity and story telling, whereas the left is for logic and facts. I used this as a simple rule for the goodies and baddies, and for the emotional beats of the story! I worked closely with Anim Director Steve Cox, and ultimately under Director Magda Osinska's brilliant briefs!

Full CG Puppet Animation


Young Anni Flashback

The younger Anni that appears in the hologram didn't exist as a stop motion puppet. It was thrilling to animate a CG Anni to react with the stop-motion plate animated by Laurie Sitzia. Not only to fit them together to appear as if they were in the same scene, but also to have Anni lead the performance, as if Kalina is the one reacting!

I loved the chance to animate in Aardman's style, complete with slight hand made 'errors' and on 2's.

The CG puppet was rigged by Nathan Guttridge. 

Anni and Kalina
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