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A Film About Migraines

I found myself with no plans and an empty house this bank holiday weekend and decided to put it to good use! I challenged myself to write and create a short animated film before the end of Bank Holiday Monday, starting as early as I could muster on the Saturday morning.

I've recently acquired a big Cintiq and really wanted to take my new set up for a proper test drive! I was also coming down from a pretty nasty migraine on the Thursday and thought it would be a challenge to try to animate my migraine aura. Here is the result of a frantic, lonely but productive weekend:

Despite the pressure of the ridiculous deadline, I really enjoyed myself! I have always wanted to make silly little cartoons and even though I would call this 'unfinished,' I am quite proud of my effort!

My biggest struggle was audio. I am so pleased to have a really good voice actor in Lee Adams who happily provided reads for the Narrator and Wally from my remote, written briefs. I think he absolutely nailed it. I would love to return to this project and finish some of the animation, effects and of course the soundtrack.

I have so much pep right now, I feel like I've got a million and one ideas! I might make a series called Weekend Club! :D

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